About Us

Our goal and primary purpose in this Outreach Ministry is to receive, embrace, and work in partnership with committed individuals that have been released recently from area prisons. Making knowledgeable the importance of commitment to Christ through the laying aside of the past, and correcting behavior that led to prison.

Urban inner city intentional ministry together in missions, both inside and outside the church community. To reach the lost, the ignorant, and those who do not know God through Jesus Christ is by exampling my life in Christ before them.

Our Vision

To Example Christ in our lives as Mentors
Imitating Christ in all that we do and say; standing firm in our witness. Rebuilding the broken bridges of damaged relationships of individuals back to God, family, church, through the reconciliation process. Providing food, clothing and shelter to those in need. Building a community of strong Christians seeking daily to do the will of God in their lives and helping others to see and realize the purpose God has ordained for them.

Dream – Needs – Wants

Planting a Church in the inner city, that by the grace of God, will meet the needs and demands of those that are less fortunate, the poor, the homeless, substance abusers and God-fearing men and women. In the process, we want to equip men and women for ministry to effectively win others for Christ through the proclamation of the Word of God, Christ-centered living, and discipleship. To be able to provide training, housing, and job opportunities to individuals through God-centered Biblical principles.

Value Statement

•Number one priority is to have an intimate relationship with God
•Demonstrate through the love of Christ a strong concern for family, friends, and neighbors
•Be pleasing to God through my speech, attitude, and what is in my thoughts and heart
•Not being given over to what others think of me as long as it gives God the honor and glory
•Continually seeking to know and understand His will by obedience to His WORD
•Not being given over to material possessions but understanding that, all that I have belongs to God, and to be a good steward over all He has entrusted into my care
•The personal freedom that I now have in Christ is not to be abused
•Keeping my mind stayed on Him that will give me the peace that the world cannot give
•Not given over to worldly gain but that in everything, knowing that God will supply all my need according to His riches in Jesus Christ
•Anything that is accomplished in my life is only accomplished through the strength and guidance of God through Jesus Christ

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